LED Bulb

LED Bulb

Airled Luft A19

This sleek and streamlined design uses fewer components because airLED™ technology eliminates the ne..

Airled ARIA A19

Who knew a light bulb could look this good? But looks aren’t everything – behind this beauty are the..

Airled ARIA BR20

Designed for aesthetics and engineered for performance, our BR line delivers optimal illumination wi..

Airled ARIA BR30

Need to go big? Here’s a more robust version of the BR20. This attractive lamp delivers maximum illu..


Cutting edge technology in a familiar and friendly application brings the benefits of airLED™ to the..

Airled ERE MR16 / GU10

Our spotlights deliver the energyeffi cient benefi ts of LED while maintaining the classic appearanc..

Filaled ORO A19

Utilizing proprietary rare earth mineral technology, fi laLED™ lamps deliver high-performing LED tec..

Filaled ORO A21

filaLED™ generates very little heat and off ers a much longer lifespan. All the timeless looks we wa..


This beautifully designed, energyeffi cient candle will enhance even the most elegant of fixtures. C..


Whether adorning a vanity mirror or illuminating a backyard dinner party, our decorative globes will..

Filaled GOLD ST

This stunning series is ready for center stage. With looks like this, who needs a lampshade? Place t..

Filaled Ari T

A vintage shape pays homage to lamps of the past, while our filaLED™ technology embodies the future ..

LED Bulb